Vortec 454 mods

Vortec 454 mods

Please see our shipping terms for more information. UltraPower Programming. Feel free to call me with your vin handy if you would like to get your order in. If it is a then yes you can. If you send it to us you avoid paying the core charge.

We would reprogram yours and put it in a new case so it looks nice! If you would like to place your order feel free to give me a call at My tech who does the programming is out of town this week so it would get done first thing next week if you wanted to go ahead with it. Our tuning is custom to your vehicle so if you ever did have a dealer flash the computer it would wipe out the performance settings and revert to stock.

There should be no reason to ever need to reprogrammed in the future and if you needed a replacement PCM we can take care of that for you.

I am of the same opinion that the UltraPower programming is going to be by far your best "bang for the buck". It is a re-programmed ECM, either you send yours in or we send you one on a core exchange. We set it for the best performance in all conditions, it is not user adjustable.

vortec 454 mods

Gasoline engines do not require different settings for different conditions like a diesel engine does. We gain on average horsepower and 50 ft. The state of California requires that this warning be posted for people purchasing products that reside in California.

For more information, visit www. This product is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles. Take advantage of our current sales!!! We are still shipping within 24 hours of ordering! Thank you for your support during this time, may God Bless America.

Order Shipment Notice:. I have a Chevrolet K what is 7. Yes, we can do that. We would like to have ordered the 7.

Is there any time frame when you will have more modules. I would like to send you mine but I need my vehicle. Also we would like to have had the reasonable price. Would we still get the good price when you get more control modules in stock? With the shut downs due to the virus, our normal service company that does that for us is closed.

If you don't mind a "dirty" PCM case then we can take care of an order for you. Please contact us directly to set that up at I know that my question is very reduntant but I need to ask it. I pull a trailer and want a little more tow po1wer. What on earth can I do to get more out of my truck.

I have been watching lots of posts and things get carried away very quickly about getting big big hp. Gettingn very confused over nwhat to do with this information.Hot Rodding is a hobby—not a career—for the vast majority of us. We drool over billet, but settle for cast, and pinch pennies to eek the most out of our performance purchases. Horsepower per dollar is worth its weight in gold, and with this octane-compatible, horsepower barnstormer of a build, welcome to El Dorado.

The interior was decrepit, and the external fiberglass paneling was cracked and rotting. The engine, however, a ci mark IV big-block Chevy, was healthy and showed only 35, miles on the clock. Behind it was a TH that had been treated to a recent rebuild.

Straight piping the 454 Big Block 💪💪

As a whole, the RV was an ungainly eyesore. Under the skin, it was a perfect drivetrain donor. While vehicles of this stature aren't the most common or practical platforms out there, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge all offered big blocks for motorhome service. We have seen several make appearances at junkyards over the years, though they do present a much more challenging engine-pull scenario, which we'll attest to firsthand. Knowing the RV was a lost cause from the get-go, no time was wasted being gentle pulling the engine.

Sawzall's buzzed, prybars levered, and cutting torch flames licked away obstacles. Soon the grease-ball of a big-block was out and headed to Westech for a dyno and some mandatory speed parts. Afterward, it would find a new home between the fenders of a GMC truck project. Smog era big blocks get a bad rap.


Their sub But what would the year-old engine crank out on the engine dyno? Though it had a relatively conservative odometer reading of 35, lugging around a multi-ton motorhome isn't an easy life. Westech's Troy Goldie buckled the big-block into the dyno cell and Steve Brul worked the throttle for the first pull.

Through the stock Quadrajet carburetor and a set of uncorked dyno headers, the engine delivered an oddly quiet horsepower and whopping lb-ft of torque.However, they can be improved.

I recommend upgrading to the Vortec lph fuel pump which can support up to hp and plugs right into a factory TBI sending unit. Stock TBI makes hp and tq so stock fuel pump is maxed out right off and a typical will run better with a fuel pump upgrade even with stock chip.

Always a big complaint with TBI trucks. Nothing is going to help that fuel mileage more than overdrive. As with the other TBI and most vehicles in this era, the exhaust is terrible restrictive. So I recommend upgrading to dual 2. As for headers, you could if you want but at that power level your just going to give yourself headaches with exhaust leaks and burnt plug wires.

So I am not going to recommend that. Now when you do open up that exhaust with true duals, you need to look into doing a 3 wire heated o2 sensor conversion to keep the o2 sensor good and hot so that it reads accurately and gives you better fuel mileage. People either skip this entirely, or skimp on the parts used or go crazy. TBI is a simple injection system. No MSD or other ignition boxes. That just makes diagnosis harder and have yet to see any gains on this system from adding one.

First, if the distributor is out for cam swap or engine replacement then change the pickup stator with a new AC Delco D pickup stator. I only use AC Delco electrics as most all others is poor quality chinese parts. AC Delco still chinese but have better handle on quality control. If your distributor has over k miles on it. You just asking for a headache that neither of us need.

So what to use. GM performance parts division now offers a performance replacement distributor. For coil, up to rpms stock coil just fine.Why a motorhome? Well, they can be had stupidly cheap, not counting the extra work it takes to remove the engine and then dispose of the lifeless RV.

Of course, the guys wanted to see what the old iron block had in her, so they ran a baseline test.

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They left all the original parts in place like the two-barrel carburetor and dilapidated ignition system. Only a set of dyno headers and an electric water pump were different. Surprisingly, the laid down an impressive horsepower and pound-feet of torque. But like any stock engine, there was tons of power left to be squeezed out.

Hot Rod decided to bolt up some typical speed parts. The old cast-iron cylinder heads and low-rise intake manifold were dumped in favor of some aluminum PowerOval heads from Trick-Flow with upgraded valvetrain and a Summit single-plane intake manifold. The old camshaft came out, too, with a meatier hydraulic bump stick with 0. Topping the engine is a borrowed four-barrel Holley XP carburetor. The results: horsepower and pound-feet of torque on octane pump gas!

That represents a percent increase in horsepower. Best of all, this engine will make that power all day long without the threat of grenading under the stress of a turbo or supercharger.

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Now, that poses the question: what would you shoehorn this big-block Chevy into? Read more video news. Cars News Chevrolet Video Car tuning. Mark McNabb. Read More. What do you think?Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile.

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My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. I know one sometimes does not go with the other. I live in a place where there are NO emmision mods, and most shops will remove the cats IF they have "gone bad" What headers are good?

Can I remove any emissions controls that are not needed to run the truck? What about aftermarket air boxes, or intake plumbing, or anything like that? How about computer programming, hypertec tuners only, or are there custom tuning software available? Anything else avaialble? And lastly, what about superchargers?

Any available? Thanks a lot guys, I am really looking into getting a '97! I don't know jack about these trucks, even a starter website would help tons. Thanks guys! Can't think of any emmision equipment you can delete other than MAYBE the cats as the computer looks at a lot of things in the system, maybe adding a set of duals.

vortec 454 mods

Mike W. All of the mods you have in mind should work, imo though I would start by removing the cats this is a 1ton truck I presume? Loved it then, loves it more now that he's got some headers on recently. Blown big-block.

How To Add 70 Percent More Power to A Chevy 454 V-8

AT ALL! I am not trying to sell their product but just giving some information to the uninformed. Past owner of ,36,41,51,57,61,67,70,71,84,chevys.Ok, well I had a deal in the bag for an 02 8. So ive been looking for other deals and came across a 98 7.

Has K miles which isn't to bad and runs strong. I'm going to swap this and a 96' 80e with a converter into my Tahoe Limited. Also got a stock 7. My experience has always been small blocks with the exception of my first car that was a olds. And I want to do a cam swap, and was thinking either the HO crate engine can or the ZZ cam would be a good choice.

Also gonna do the swap, and an HD2 shift kit in the trans. Are there any other bolt on type mods that are worth wild or anything else I'm missing when it comes to these engines?

Thanks for any and all advice to a BBC newbie. I'm sure can exhaust and intake will make you happy.

How to Make a Chevy 454 Vortec More Efficient

Heads are a weak point tho from what I'm told. And some say they are GM's best kept secret. My plan for now o think is just basic bolt ons, intake and exhaust and tune and do the HO or cam, I'm not sure yet and some 1. Atleast for now. Least you got options. Pickings are slim and spendy with an 8. Yeah your intake mods turned out sweet! And I was super stoked to do the 8. But atleast the 8. I may look into some minor head and intake porting before doing the swap but not sure its worth the effort.

The cam and valve springs and stock injectors are the weak point in my opinion. I did a cam and springs, converted to a ECM and tuned it with a free flowing exhaust and drove it for about 2 years.

Later put a Whipple on it and that woke up the motor. I blew it up my fault not the motors fault and then punched it out to a ci, trick flow roller rockers, cam, Procomp aluminum heads, all forged internal rotating assembly, and the Whipple on it and it was a TON of fun.

I believe the BEST mod in my opinion is replace the injectors first with a better design 4 hole spray pattern drop in replacements on eBay or either factory LS1 injectors and retune the flow rate and then Either put better aluminum heads on it or put a rear mounted turbo on it.

I don't know a motor that doesn't "wake up" with boost lol.Also known as the Vortec 7. The was essentially the same big block that carried Chevy through the muscle car years, but a hydraulic roller camshaft and revised cylinder heads helped to make it far more efficient than the old LS6 could ever dream of being.

Even so, this engine was built primarily to provide huge towing power for CAFE-standard exempt vehicles, so there remains some room for improvement. Switch to a lightweight synthetic oil. Although Chevrolet doesn't specifically recommend it for this engine, the extreme slipperiness of a full synthetic will allow you to run a thinner weight oil without worrying about undue engine wear. Thinner oil drags less on internal engine parts, helping the engine to spin more freely and run more efficiently.

After all, every horsepower lost to such "parasitic drag" is one less that won't be helping your truck move down the road. Install a high flow air filter and cold air induction intake. A restrictive or clogged air filter will force the engine to work harder to breathe, which makes it less efficient.

A cold air induction setup will feed the engine cooler and more oxygen-dense air.

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These modifications will help to generate more horsepower without adversely affecting fuel efficiency, which will ultimately increase net mileage. Use a set of long-tube headers exhaust manifolds and an aftermarket exhaust system. That extra air going into your engine needs to get out somehow; installing a full aftermarket exhaust system like this is always good for more fuel economy, especially when combined with a freer-flowing intake.

This modification won't be cheap or easy to install, but will eventually pay for itself if you do a lot of towing or drive a lot of miles.

Bolt-On 230+ Horsepower to a 454ci Motor Home Big-Block

Install an aftermarket windage tray in your engine. Windage trays are thin, sheet metal plates that bolt to the bottom of the main caps and act as a barrier between the oil in the pan and the crankshaft counterweights. Oil tends to collect on the crankshaft counterweights, adding weight to the rotating assembly crankshaft, rods and pistons and reducing horsepower through parasitic drag.

Inexpensive and fairly easy to install, a windage tray will help to keep oil in the sump where it's supposed to be and can even help to extend bearing life by keeping the rotating assembly in balance. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Step 1 Switch to a lightweight synthetic oil. Step 2 Install a high flow air filter and cold air induction intake.

vortec 454 mods

Step 3 Use a set of long-tube headers exhaust manifolds and an aftermarket exhaust system. Tip You might also want to consider a high voltage coil, high performance 8 mm spark plug wires and a set of quality aftermarket spark plugs to help your engine ignite more of the fuel that goes through it.

This ignition system upgrade will allow you to set your distributor for a little more timing advance. Normally, advancing the distributor would increase octane sensitivity and possibly fuel economy, but the upgraded ignition system will allow you to do so without adversely affecting fuel burn or horsepower. When taken together, this fairly inexpensive approach can be good for noticeable gains in fuel economy.

Items you will need Standard and metric sockets, full set Flat and Phillips head screwdrivers Ratchet U-joints and extensions Torque wrench Drill and bit set Vise grip, needle-nose and standard pliers. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

Photo Credits dragster engine image by Robert Young from Fotolia.